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Initially looking for high-level info about web services integration

Question asked by david.karr on Feb 10, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2012 by Dave
I work at a large organization using Clarity. I was recently examining how we could implement integrations with Clarity. I didn't have access to a good local technical resource. From the information I had, it didn't appear that Clarity had any kind of a remote service interface that an application could use to integrate Clarity data. When I started working on the integration, I focused on directly accessing the database Clarity is mapped to. I was able to make some progress in that direction, but I can see it will be difficult to maintain this in the future.

Today I just decided to do a random query to see if Clarity had any sort of a SOAP/REST remote interface and I found this forum, which seems to imply that there might be something available.

My Clarity version appears to be " generic_011 002".

Is there any way I can tell whether my installation has a web services interface enabled?