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Issue going from 12.0.6 -> v13

Question asked by dtietze on Feb 14, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2012 by dtietze

Parallel to going through support, I thought I'd post here, as maybe someone else had a similar issue.

We're trying to upgrade a customer site from 12.0.6 to v13.
We have CA Hotfix 17 installed on the 12.0.6.

After runnning quite some time, fails with this exception:

--- Nested Exception ---
/home/niku/clarityv13/install-packages/12.1.1/upgrade-repack. exec returned: 1

Line 606 in referenced XML file install.xml :
<if property="language" isEmpty="true">
<exec executable="${install.dir}/bin/nikuadmin${script.suffix}" failonerror="true">
<arg line="db install -console"/>

Attempt to call command manually, to get more information:
./nikuadmin db install -console


./nikuadmin db install -consolecd
Installing database schema...
DBTools Log - Tue Feb 14 10:35:59 CET 2012
Command: install database schema from driver file
To URL: jdbc:clarity:oracle://;SID=DEVC4TS;BatchPerformanceWorkaround=true;InsensitiveResultSetBufferSize=0;ServerType=dedicated;supportLinks=true
As user: niku
For vendor: oracle
Loading DBDriver file: /apps/DEV_4TS/Clarity/C4TSDEV/clarity/database/schema/driver.xml
Loading DBDriver file: /apps/DEV_4TS/Clarity/C4TSDEV/clarity/database/schema/driver.xml
Current database version is database_12.1.1_20110429
DBDriver for database_12.1.1_20110429
Resume installation of DBDriver ...
Note: Foreign Keys have been disabled
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: 'timestamp(6)' is not a valid DataType
at com.niku.dbtools.xmlobjects.types.DataType.valueOf(
at com.niku.dbtools.OracleExtractor.createColumn(
at com.niku.dbtools.OracleExtractor.getColumns(
Note: Triggers have been disabled
at com.niku.dbtools.AbstractExtractor.getTable(
Process - table: CMN_AUDITS_TSV.xml
at com.niku.dbtools.DriverApp.compareSchemaObject(
at com.niku.dbtools.DriverApp.access$400(
at com.niku.dbtools.DriverApp$
at com.niku.dbtools.DriverApp.installSchemaDriver(
at com.niku.dbtools.Utilities.main(
Note: Foreign Keys and Triggers have been enabled
DBDriver failed to install!

Has anyone seen (and solved :-) ) similar problems? The " 'timestamp(6)' is not a valid DataType" error message does not make sense to me -- it should be valid according to Oracle's data type docs.

Appreciate any pointers,