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Update Process Error when Project Updated in OWB

Question asked by Owen_R on Feb 21, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2012 by Chris_Shaffer_hcsc
We are developing an update process to populate the value in one custom field on a project with a value from another custom field on the same project, via GEL and XOG. This runs on update. The first step in this process is a system option to set a flag value to avoid creating infinite loops later in the process. When amendments to the project are made in Clarity and the project is saved then all works fine.

However if we have the project open in Open Workbench, then the first step fails with PRJ-07002 The project cannot be locked. Presumably because OWB has created the lock first and the process engine can't get past that.

I've seen some interesting posts here about creating processes which set an 'is locked' flag and waiting for up to two days for the lock to clear before doing the update. Given that it's just one field value I want to transfer then that seems like overkill. I know I can go down the trigger route but don't want to if possible. Likewise I don't want to be deleting anything myself from PRLOCK.

Has anyone got any other creative suggestions?