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Autosys R11.3

Question asked by SPUNYANI on Feb 24, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2013 by SPUNYANI
Hello All,
This is my very first post and I need help.
We are planning to do a fresh install of Autosys R11.3 on our production server which is Linux rhel5 with kernel 2.6
that is installed on vmware .We thought that there must be some database bundled up with R11.3 Autosys , we started installation and now it ask us either to install Oracle or Sybase.
so seems databse is not bundled up and this is a prerequisite:

My questions are:

1. does Autosys R 11.3 supports Oracle vmware?

2. I understand that when we install Autosys Master server, it installs event server, database and schedular.
Can we install oracle database on other server and Application server and Event schedular on a different server? Is it possible?

3. in case something goes wrong with Oracle database, will CA be helpin us?

Need reply asap !! Can somebody please help?