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Adding multiple roles and copying allocation properties

Question asked by AndySol on Feb 24, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2012 by another_martink
I'm hoping someone can provide some guidance here please...

We have a Resource Management process, whereby a Clarity project is created and multiple roles with associated allocation segments are added (via Team tab) to represent the resource profile for the project (ie. to represent the project demand). For some projects, this could cover 50+ roles, which would eventually be replaced by named resources. We are deliberately using only 100% allocation per role, rather than using (for example) 500% to represent 5 people - this gives us flexibility later to replace the role and any assignments/ETC with a named resource.

A couple of questions please:

1) When adding roles on the Team Tab, it is slow adding one at a time - is there a way to add multiple roles of the same type ?

2) Our allocation properties for each role are manually updated to add values in several fields (some of the fields are custom fields) - is there a way of duplicating an already created role and it's parameters, so that we don't have to manually add these each time ?

Thanks, Andy.