Help with a process - need to repeat a step

Discussion created by amy.yarrington on Mar 2, 2012
I know there is a way to do this, I just can't work out the best solution at this point. I need help with a process. Step 1 of this process sends a request for approval to three different people. At this point the post-conditions stipulate that the process doesn't move on to the next step until ALL approvers have approved the action item. I am trying to modify this to include a custom script step that will update a sub object on the Project object. This sub object is serving as an "approval log" so that people don't have to look through the process logs to figure out if their processes were approved, when, by whom, etc. I have the script step already working in other processes, so that's not the issue. What makes this process unique is that in the other processes, I only need ONE approver to respond before I move on to the next step. With this process I need all three people to approve before the project is marked "approved" but I would like to run the custom script to update my sub object after each reviewer's response. I was trying to work out a way where the step could kick off the script process after someone responds, but then come back to the originating step to wait until all responses have been received.

At this point I'm tossing around two different solutions, but there may be others I haven't come up with yet.

Solution 1: Give up trying to update the sub object after EACH response and just wait until all responses have been received then update the sub object. That's not optimal because it would mean that the sub object would not reflect responses until after they've all been received which could take some time.

Solution 2: Break up step 1 into different steps, one step/action for each assignee. This would solve the issue of running the script, and I'd have to make some changes to my later steps to still wait until all responses have been received before moving forward. The other negative point by using this is that it's nice right now that the assignees on the action item can see the status of all the other assignees, since it's the same action.

Are there any other possibilities I'm missing? Is there a way to make this step loop out, run another step, then come back to the originating one? (Bearing in mind that it will have to run the script step at least three times.)

I hope I'm describing my issue well enough. Thanks in advance!