CA DLP Tuesday Tip: Installation with transforms.

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CA DLP Tuesday Tip for 6 March 2012 published by Andrew Devine Snr. Support Engineer.

CA DataMinder (DLP) r14.0 comes with a range of installation transforms. These transform files allow you to apply customized configuration changes to a Windows Installer package.

CA DataMinder (DLP) ships with scripts to create several useful transforms. You can find the scripts to generate transforms in the \Support folder of your CA DataMinder (DLP) r14.0 distribution media.

For script-generated transforms, you must copy the script into the same folder as your administrative installation source image, Client.msi or Client_x64.msi and you need write access to this folder.

You run the script by double-clicking it in Windows Explorer. The script generates the transform for the administrative installation source image. You can reference transforms as an option for msiexec.exe, as part of the program for an SMS distribution package, or as a modification to a Group Policy installation package.

Below is a list the transforms that are currently supported.

Identify the CMS: SetParentName.mst
Prevent Automatic Startup: DisableAutostart.mst
Prevent Consoles being Installed: HideConsole.mst
Prevent Unauthorized Uninstallations of CA DLP: ClientLockDown.mst
Configure Outlook Client Agent: EmailClientOptions.mst
Install Application Integration: EnableAppmon.mst
Silent Uninstallations for SMS: SMSQuietUninstall.mst

For more information on these transforms please refer to the CA DataMinder (DLP) r14.0 Platform Deployment Guide (DLP_Platform_ENU.pdf) available to download from the CA DLP r14.0 Bookshelf on the CA Support Portal (