Tip For Logging On Demand Cases Online

Discussion created by Dana_Jones-Viering on Mar 13, 2012
Hi There!

I am a Clarity On Demand System Support Engineer and thought I would log this tip.

When a customer logs a case online it is most helpful for all parties involved to make sure the customer includes the exact, specific URL(S) for which they are logging a case.

1. When we look at the list of environments the customer might have more than one "dev" , "test" or "prod" environment - which one shall we choose? (Have you ever heard about the story where the house painter painted the wrong house?)

2. If we do not have the exact, specific URL listed by the customer, then we have to email or phone them to make sure we are going to reference or do work on the correct URL/environment. The more specific information we have, the more quickly we tend to get a case resolved for you.

3. It is support policy. If we do not have the exact, specific URL, we cannot progress the case.

So every single case a customer logs, should have the exact URL for which they need work, help or answers. It's good for everyone!