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Shell command Action

Question asked by david.leetch on Mar 13, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2012 by nwhitehead
I am relatively new to APM and I hope someone can tell me I've missed something. Evidently I have misunderstood one of the functions I was looking forward to. I'm disappointed in the lack of ability to take shell command actions based upon alerts. I had great plans to control the applications based upon metrics in Introscope, but it looks like that will not be possible.

In the management module, I expected that the action to execute a shell command would allow the execution of a shell command on one or more servers that were being monitored. In reviewing the documentation it seems this shell command can only execute on the EM.

I have reviewed other threads that ask about this type of functionality. One suggested solution was to use the EPAgent to monitor the application and execute the needed shell script process. This seems redundant to the information already being collected inside introscope as a whole. The logic and thresholds in management alerts can span multiple JVM and servers. This type of monitoring cannot be easily duplicated in an epagent plugin, and it cannot include all of the information found in Introscope. It seems like a poor substitute.