March 2012 - Webcast Replay – Unified End User Experience Monitoring

Discussion created by MaryGreening on Mar 26, 2012
Here are the webcast replay details for the CA Wily/APM Global User Community Webcast on March 22, 2012. 96% of attendees thought this webcast was of value to them. Follow up answers are below the webcast links. Make sure you scroll down.


Why you should upgrade to APM 9.1 today!

CA Product Managers, Tim Smith and Zack Belcher will review one of our APM 9.1 marquee features:

Unified End User Experience Monitoring

They gave a live demo and dig deeper into some of the benefits of this exciting feature including:

Unified appliance for network and end-user monitoring

APM integration with NetQoS products: SuperAgent, Multi-Port Collector (MTP) and CA Performance Center (NPC)

Visibility into how network performance is affecting the business and its applications.

Ability to prioritize network problems based on Application-centric business priorities.

This webinar includes training on usage of the Multi-Port Collector Session Analysis user interface. APM 9.1 provides a drill-down from a CEM defect to the MTP’s session-level, transport-layer view where that defect occurred. This allows strong triage of incidents answering such questions as these:

Is the root cause of the poor transaction performance in the network, the server, or the application?

Is application delivery for this end-user the same or different from others in his client subnet?

Is application delivery to/from this web server the same or different from other servers?

When did the problem start and end?

Is performance characterized by occasional spikes, a dramatic change, or a gradual trend?

What application and network details are available from a packet capture of this Client-Server pair during the incident?

Can we use the packet capture to replay the web session and see what really happened?

Session 1

Session 2 ([color=#2801ee]Preferred Version[color])

Note: Some users have better luck with the Non High Fidelity Version of the recording.

The following questions were asked during the webcast. The product managers have provided answers to those questions.

Can one user belong to more than one CEM user group?
Yes, with some configuration.

If a transaction trace identifies the offending module of code, can it identify the offending method?

If a transaction trace identifies the offending method, can it identify the offending line of code?
APM is a performance management solution engineered for production monitoring, not a code profiler tool.

Here’s the link to the SuperAgent Product Page video:

This product page has a list of videos. The top video introduces the Unified End-User Experience Monitoring feature of APM 9.1.