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Discussion created by drewkoenig on Mar 28, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2012 by Saravanan_Ramalingam
I will send these into CA for answers. If you want to responsd to a specific question, please cut and paste the question in your post.

[*]What is the extent of the new Identity Mapping in 12.5? From r6 to r12 the ability to map to IDM roles was reduced, will it be fully available in 12.5?
[*]If RC4 encryption is used is there a facility to use AES in mixed mode with 12.5?
[*]Is Intel Protection Technology available in 12.5?
[*]Has SMWalker been verified and/or supported with 12.5?
[*]Can you detail how the new Generic Agent Architecture will work? Will the Agent Servers be similar to policy servers for failover, distribution, agent configurations to multiple agent servers, etc...?
[*]In the agent discovery how will a custom agent appear? Are their SDK changes to add more detailed data sets to custom agents?
[*]Are there any new advancements to the SDK? Any compatability issues with custom policies, active responses or custom agents built with older SDKs?
[*]What is the benefits and use of centralizing the sessions DB, keystore, and cert store rather than on policy server? Will these be seperate DBs or tagged onto the policy store?
[*]Are there any open issues with 12.5 that will be addressed in an upcoming CR or any pressing issues that should be noted for those upgrading to the base 12.5 release?