Project Budget versus IT Operating Plan

Discussion created by TGuzek on Mar 28, 2012
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Throwing this out for input and/or discussion:

Is anyone tracking a project's Cost in comparison to an operating plan in as well as to the Project Budget?

For example, going into 2012, Project A's Budget plan showed $500,000 for 2012. So as part of the IT operating Plan, $500,000 was assigned to that Project. The Project then had a Change approved and its Budget was updated to $750,000 in 2012. So we update the Project's Budget plan to reflect that. We would also want to track that Budget against the Operating plan that was in place at the beginning of the year. I know this is starting to get away from Clarity and more into other Financial Tools, but I am being asked to do this and make it available in Clarity Reporting.

Any insight or suggestions?


Tim Guzek
Erie Insurance