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Multi Leveled Program

Question asked by McGoey on Mar 28, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2012 by McGoey
We have a massive effort underway and my customer wants at least 5 hierarchical levels for reporting purposes. Our financial policies require that budgets and forecasts live specifically at the project level (NOT sub project) in Clarity, so I have to work around this. The current model has 3 levels above the projects. My initial approach is to use programs and set up parent/child associations until I reach the projects. It would look like this:

1 Program - Highest Level
3 Sub Programs - Reporting Roll up Level 2
11 Sub Programs - Reporting Roll up Level 3
30 Projects - Work is done here/Financials live here
??? Sub projects

Has anyone ever dealt with a model like this? I can use the Portfolio object as well, but we more or less have the portfolios "reserved" for our official enterprise portfolios.