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Applying different Availability for resources for different time periods

Question asked by Lars-Goran on Apr 1, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2012 by another_martink
Hello all!

When a person is employed full-time we set the Availability to 7,75 (equivalent to 100%). Based on our standard calendar, which is applied for all employees and with standard shifts, we see that the total availability is 1870 hours (= 1 FTE in year 2012).

We also have a number of employees working part-time and the part-time varies over the year.

Person A is employed full-time (100%) but will be working only 60% in Jan-Mar and 80% in Apr-Jun and then back to 100% from july 1.
When, in December, we are planning for how to use the available hours for Person A for the upcoming year, it seems that the available hours at that time are 1870 hours (100%) for the entire year (since Resource Availability at that time is set to 7,75) whereas the correct availability is approx 1580 hours.

Is there a way to plan with correct availability for employees where Availability varies over time?

Will it be possible to set Availability in the same manner as Allocation Segments in Projects, i.e. defining the Availability for different time periods?

Any ideas?

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