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CLW Calculator Data

Question asked by Suresh.Subramaniam on Apr 11, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2012 by Hiko_Davis
I was trying to get the calculator data in a report or directly by executing the CLW, but i was not able to do so any ideas on this would help.
I tried the below said options but it returns a single line data in the report.
1. Created a calculator
2. Created a metric group for the calculator from the Custom Virtual Host
3. Added the Metric group to the report
4.Tried to run the report and it gave a single line value information for time range of 24 hrs.

When we manually login to the workstation and go to the calucultor and sort the data for 24 hrs an export data to csv its sucessfull in returning the data for the 24 hrs with the frequency specified.
Is there any other option to autmate the data of the calculator to a csv.