V13 Subpage Navigation -- New pattern?

Discussion created by dtietze on Apr 12, 2012
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We're currently in the process of migrating on of our customer installations to Clarity V13. In so doing, I'm hitting one point where the new GUI imposes the need for change and I'm not sure how to go about it.

In our configurations, we make extensive use of combining object status and subpage display conditions to implement some user guidance. E.g. if demand enters phase X, show the subpage for phase X, hide the subpage(s) for the previous phase(s). In Clarity 12 this is nice for the users, as the subpage links are always visible and this change gives the users an immediate visual clue about where to go next.

In v13, the subpage links have now been moved to the tab menu. The user needs to click down the tab menu in order to discover that something has changed. There is no more immediate visual feedback about the status change and the new fields/information that has become available. In terms of user guidance, this is a small step back -- bearing in mind, though, that the new GUI in general is a MASSIVE improvement, so I'm not complaining.

Are others also hitting this issue? Has anyone come up with a good solution pattern for this? What other visual clues or guidance in the new v13 GUI could we use to help the users?
Any ideas?

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