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Error on saving mandatory fields even if they have values

Question asked by mei_fm on Apr 18, 2012
Latest reply on May 10, 2012 by mei_fm

I have created 2 new 'mandatory' fields in Idea object and they are being filled-out during Idea creation. Then once an Idea is approved, all the fields are being locked by process.

I have also created the same fields as 'mandatory' in the Project object.

When I converted from Idea to Project, the values of the 2 fields in the Idea were copied successfully in the Project. However, when I'm trying to save the Project, i'm having an error of 'All Required fields not filled-out' and the error points to the 2 mandatory fields.


at Idea creation,
*Field A = value1
*Field B = Value2

Idea Card approved, Field A and Field B are locked by proces

click Convert button

at Project,
*Field A = value1 <this is a locked field from Idea>
*Field B = value2 <this is a locked field from Idea>


Error 'All Required fields are not filled-out'

Field A and Field B have values but do you have any idea why i got the error?
I tried to check the source code of the page and I noticed that there's this "input type = hidden" for the 2 fields. I checked the properties of the 2 fields and they are not hidden.

Thanks in advance for the help :)