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BPM-0519 Error in Process Engine

Question asked by Rob-FCB on Apr 18, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2013 by Juan_Ortega
We upgraded to v13 over the weekend and we are seeing the following error in the process engine for one of my project managers who tries to run a process for change request approval:

BPM-0519: Internal Process Engine Error. Contact your site administrator (Object with name 'thisPCR' refers to object 'change' bound to the instance '5030005' is not found).

Other project managers have ran the process successfully, and this person is in the same exact security groups as the others.

The process basically routes approval action items to different approvers for a change request. The first stop is the submitter's manager which is clearly defined in the change request.

The process fails on the step Route Approval Action Item to Manager - which is the manual action sent to the manager. The Change Request with ID 5030005 clearly exists in the database and the user has edit all rights on the Change Request object as well as Start All rights on Processes.

Any ideas?