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Corrupted data in DATA and TRACE folder - legacy data are gone

Question asked by petrs on Apr 27, 2012
Latest reply on May 15, 2012 by petrs
Dear All
Can you pls. kindly advice me how to fix corrupted data in folder

We had HW issue and since then having problem with stability of EM caused by corruption of files in these folders. Once files were deleted, EM become stable but more than 1.5y history is gone (remains in these corrupted files).

SAP support provide us with info that no way how to get data back. For me will be bearable to loose few weeks/month but whole 1.5y history is problem

Is any chance, idea, method how to recover data back? Unfortunately Ext.partner has forgotten to schedule regular backups.
Is somewhere described how to properly and correctly backup Wily EM? Our solution is as part of SAP Solution Manager, and EM version is 8.x

thank you in advance for any ideas