CA Tech Tip - How to enhance customers' APM experience

Discussion created by amits on Apr 30, 2012
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CA Wily Tuesday Tip by Amit Sheth, APM/ITSM Service partner consultant at IT Partners Inc. for 4/29/2012

Hi Everyone, with great pleasure I would like to share this important aspect of CA APM, sort of quick ROI based experience for customers. And while I am sure this is not the only one approach, yet I thought to post one such, which I have experienced customers have appreciated a lot.

How to enhance an existing customers' APM experience, or turn-key experience for new customers.

[*]Target one of critical business apps, to start with.
[*]Adapt top-down design.
[*]Focus your deployment through Critical path of business application(s).
[*]Establish at least one requirement gathering with business/application teams to map critical CIs to APM Metrics.
[*]Layout critical path based layered dashboards satisfying tier-I along with tier-II/III users, and there by reducing/eliminating the learning cycle of 'how to triage with APM'.
[*]Walk through your deployment with users.
[*]Never underestimate APM's end-to-end coverage strength, including Network CIs ( with APM 9.1 , it is becoming even better ).

Many thanks for taking time to read this, and hope our APM Customer base can benefit huge from such type of approaches.

Good luck.