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Create a custom universe as OnDemand customer

Question asked by bs_jonas_jensen on May 3, 2012
Latest reply on May 9, 2012 by Chris_Hackett

I am trying to create a custom univeres on our OnDemand solution and are having some problems with the export/publishment of the custom universe to my OnDemand system.

I log into the VPN connection and open B.O Designer. Then I import the universe "CA_Clarity.unv". I rename the universe to "Custom_CA_Clarity.unv" and then I go into "Parameters" and edit the database connection name => after this I get the error, cannot reach the database.

The question are how I can setup/or copy the existing database connection when I am using the OnDemand service? If I was on a local installation, this would proberly not be a problem.

I have setup my TNS correcrt, all working fine here, and I can connect to the oracle database (11g) with SQL Developer. I have setup a ODBC connection which also works fine. But the problem is also, that when I come to exporting the universe to my OnDemand CMC i also need to export the database connection.

The normal fix for this would proberly be to remote connect to the enviroment and create the database connection or use the CMC with full access.

Can anyone help me out on this? and do you need more information, then I will provide it.