Advance Billing

Discussion created by RK_408 on May 4, 2012
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Hi All,

We have Advance Billing Functionality in Clarity.I have analysed the data Entered here, with the Tables and Found that the data is stored in "Billing Schedule" irrespective of they are Billed or Billed and Approved.
"PPA_BILLINGS" Table stores the data that are Approved only. (if u filter with sourcemodule='9')
"PPA_TRANSBILL" Table Stores the data Billed or Billed and Approved. (if u filter with sourcemodule='9')

My Question:

what is the process after Advance Billing ,is it after the data is posted to wip or before wip?How does the data Entered here impact the Posted wip data?
where can i find the details regarding the Advance Billing.Flow etc..

Iam Comparing with the transno with transno in ppa_wip table ,but i cant find data in ppa_wip.

Please let me know.

Many Thanks