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Process step logs a warning about notification

Question asked by StevenJames on May 10, 2012
Latest reply on May 14, 2012 by shalinee
Hi all,
I hope somebody can help me with this query.
I currently have a process which is logging a warning when it tries to send a step complete notification.
It complains that an attribute is no longer active and that it was possibly deactivated after the process was defined/initiated. This is true, the attribute it is looking for has been deactivated.
Now, I assume that the process is looking for this attribute as a result of the information that is set in the Notifications section of the process step definition. This section currently has the 'When step is completed' checkbox checked, the object role of 'Owner' set in the 'Send Notification To' browse field and the 'Notify Owner' checkbox checked. Again, I assume that somewhere, somehow, this process has been told that to find the owner, you must go and look at the attribute on the object which has now been made non active. What I am struggling to find is where this crucial bit of information is configured as I am guessing that this is where I need to make a change to get this process to complete successfully.
I would be very grateful if somebody can point me in the right direction!