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Is it possible to send notification to a user that updated a specific field

Question asked by FloGoya on May 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2012 by Chris_Hackett

I need to send a notification to a user when an action is rejected, but this user could be any of the resources involved on the project. I just need the process to send the notification to the one that updated a specific field.
This is an example of the steps involved:

- User A created the project and attaches user B to it as well. A is manager and B is like responsable.
- User B selects a value on a lookup field. B selects 'Yes'.
- A notification is sent to a group of administrators to set some required fields. The administrator may or may not take action. If the administrator rejects the action I would like a notification to be delivered to user B.

The problem is that User A or B can update the lookup field, and I would like the process to identify which one was and to send the notification only to that one.

Is this possible?

Thanks a lot!!!