CA Tuesday Tip: (CA ESP) APPLBUF – Set Maximum Size of An Application

Discussion created by Lucy_zhang Employee on May 29, 2012
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CA Tuesday Tip by Lucy Zhang, Principal Support Engineer for 05/29/2012

The APPLBUF initialization parameter in ESPPARM defines the maximum supported size of buffers that the Application Manager and the CA Workload Automation Restart Option EE EXHFILE use. Therefore it defines the maximum size of an application.

We strongly suggest set this initialization parameter to its maximum possible value, to allow normal process when the application grows. The maximum value for APPLFILE with slotsize 4K (default when SLOTSIZE is not specified on APPLFILE) is 4182008 (bytes). After make the change on Master and proxies, ESP STCs need to be recycled and TSO users need to re-enter ESP.

To check if current APPLBUF value is big enough, find the largest application, and check output of “LAP appl.gen DUMP”:
ATR +0 36ACAB4C 000FFFF8 000004B0 00000000 *.......8........*
+10 00000000 000004B0 C6D9C801 00014600 *........FRH.....*

The APPLBUF shows 000FFFF8 (1048568), and the size of this Appl is 000004B0. So for this application, APPLBUF 1048568 is enough.

When an application exceeds this limit, error message “ESP1143E APPLBUF TOO SMALL” will be issued, and any actions to the application that need more space (like insert a new JOB) won’t work.

See APPLBUF on Installation and Configuration Guide for more detail. Knowledge document TEC510864 also has useful information.