CMMT 3.18 released today

Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Jun 2, 2012
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Well surprise, surprise. CMMT 3.17 wouldn't talk to an R18 CV. A change was made, as was also made in R16, which moved things around in the CSA. Both the TSO and VTAM driver were adjusted to handle this and still run on all prior releases. There was a small issue on the SP screen that was fixed by assembling the 0061 modules with an R18 maclib.

Also present in the 0061 module was a little challenge presented that affected the nucleus map. It was the same thing that shuffled the beginning of the CSA down. The 2nd day I found my way over to XOMT and got things flowing there. I may have to look more carefully, but I couldn't find any other problems as only the 0061 module required a new mapping for R18. Stay tuned for further developments.

John, CMMT Global Support

John Fisher