CA DLP Tuesday Tip: CA DataMinder r14.1 is now Generally Available

Discussion created by Bill_Peterson Employee on Jun 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2012 by Chris_Hackett
On behalf of the entire DataMinder team, we are delighted to announce that CA DataMinder r14.1 is now Generally Available.

CA DataMinder r14.1 is a tactical release of our data protection solution to further extend our Content-Aware IAM capabilities, as well as implementing the ‘Minder’ product branding changes and responding to some great customer feedback.

Microsoft Windows 2012 Dynamic Access Control
With r14.1, we now have an integration with the forthcoming release of Microsoft Windows 2012 and its new Dynamic Access Control features. By integrating DataMinder’s advanced content classification capabilities with Microsoft’s File Classification Infrastructure, customers can extend their DataMinder content protection policies to control access to documents based upon the users identity and the content of the file. For example, should a user belong to a group not permitted to access Sales forecasts, any documents that DataMinder classifies as such will not be accessible by the user with Windows itself enforcing this denial. The classification DataMinder makes for a document will be visible within the documents Properties and the definitions are all retained within our unified policy framework – i.e., once defined, these classification rules can be shared for Data in Motion, in Use, at Rest as well our differentiating capabilities for Data at Access. This compliments the recently released integration with CA SiteMinder r12.5 for content-driven protection for SharePoint hosted data.

Role-based iConsole Configuration
Responding to our customers feedback, we have extended the customization capabilities of the iConsole user interface by providing role-based configurations. This means users only need to see the relevant data, searches and report that are of interest to them.

CA DataMinder Product Branding
We have taken this opportunity to make the branding changes to migrate to the new DataMinder product name within the consoles and documentation.

This release accompanies the recent releases of DataMinder Classify and the integration with CA SiteMinder along with our release of a Soft Network Appliance and our SMB focused version DLP Express.

The documentation for this release can be found here - CA DataMinder 14.1 -US English