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javascript calculator and long frequencies

Question asked by JuergenSussner on Jun 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2012 by Jose-Javier-Sanchez

I would like to create a JavaScript calculator that simply counts a number. this number does not need to be recalculated every 15 seconds so i set the frequency to 240 * 15 sec (1 hour).

My problem is that i get a metric, produced by the calculator that has 239 periods "no current value" and in one period the correct value.

which metric type do i have to use to get a metric that keeps its values without having to be refreshed every 15 seconds.

I can achieve this if i use a ep agent and use the metrictype LongCounter. This metric keeps its value for about 10 hours. but how do i do this in JavaScript.

Thanks in advance
Juergen Sussner