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Writing ppm data to xls format

Question asked by deepud on Jun 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2012 by RaviCCC
Hi Experts,

We are looking to pull data from one of the ppm database tables into an excel file (.xls format).
Ideally, we would like to automate this.. so i am thinking of a job to be scheduled.

Linux db and app server
Clarity PPM 12.1
Oracle db server

What are my options?
I have considered the following:

1. Job type: Stored Procedure
- Not sure if sql can be written to put the result set into a .xls file. Any Oracle functions?
- I am told that a sql query can be written to dump the result set into a csv file.

2. Job type: Java
- I find that java can write out to .xls format, but advanced functionality like creating pivot tables/ lookups is available only with api that's not free to use.

3. Job type: Xbl
- I have no clue what this is? Can xbl write to xls format.

What about a GEL script? Can gel script acheive the functionality?
Please advise...