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Simple .NET Agent Questions (hopefully)

Question asked by jakbutler on Jun 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2012 by jakbutler
Hello, APM Global User Community -

I'm about to embark on the grand adventure of instrumenting some third-party .NET applications when, to this point, I have almost exclusively worked with Tomcat Java applications. That being the case, I have a beginner question regarding the .NET agent. I have read in the documentation and on this community site that it is possible to instrument processes and applications that run outside of IIS as well as those that run within a managed application worker pool. Based on this, are the following statements true regarding the .NET agent and stand-alone .NET applications? If not, please correct my misunderstandings.

1) The Introscope .NET Agent requires IIS to be installed on the same server as the stand-alone .NET applications to be monitored.
2) So long as the Introscope .NET Agent is configured to run with IIS, any .NET framework CLR (of a supported .NET / CLR version) can be instrumented.
3) After installing IIS on the server hosting the stand-alone .NET applications, the Introscope .NET Agent installation and configuration should proceed as documented.
4) All .NET applications on a single server share the same configuration files, particularly the IntroscopeAgent.profile.

And a final, related question: for standalone .NET applications, how is the agent name determined?