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MS Project 2010 - Hard date Planned finish date

Question asked by hhillman on Jul 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2012 by Michael
Hi Team,
Whenever I update a project start date within MS Project 2010 and save it back into Clarity 12.1.2 it hard codes the planned finish date of the last phase that a resource was assigned too. For Example I created a test project in Clarity QA:

1. I added (3) resources to the team tab
2. Opened MS Project 2010 through the Clarity Integration
3. add phases, updated the duration of each phase, added resource to those phases
4. All resource were assigned to one phase between 7/6/2012 to 7/9/2012
5. Saved back into Clarity 12.1.2
6. Went back into MS Project 2010
7. Updated the start date by clicking Project, Project Information and adding a new start date
8. The phase that the resource were assigned to were now pushed out until 7/20/2012
9. Saved back into Clarity 12.1.2
10. went into the properties page of one of the resources and noticed theplanned finished date was now hard coded with 7/9/2012 but the investment dates reflected the accurate dates that I changed within MS Project

Anyone have an explanation. Is it a setting I forgot to set. PLEASE HELP :) If you need anymore examples please let me know.