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Scheduling LDAP Update in Business Objects

Discussion created by Robert Ensinger on Jul 10, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2012 by Chris_Hackett
Hi all.
If you are using the LDAP integration for Business Objects, here's how you can schedule an automatic refresh of the users via LDAP.

The LDAP UpdatePlugin.jar file in these instructions can be found on the Business Objects Board: LDAP Automatic Refresh. Please note: this is a link to a separate, non-CA board, so use common sense, prudence & test - neither I nor CA endorse or are liable, etc. See Code Sharing Disclaimer below.

All that said, once you have a trustworthy UpdatePlugin.jar...

1) Login to CMC with your Enterprise Administrator user.
2) Click on the Folders navigation icon, expand All Folders and select Administration Tools.
3) Right Click on Administration Tools, select Add --> Program File.
4) On the Program File form, browse & select the UpdatePlugin jar file, then select the 'Java' radio button. Click OK.
5) Right click on the UpdatePlugin Program, select Properties.
6) On the[i] Properties form, expand Default Settings and select[i] Program Parameters. Set 'UpdatePlugin' as the Class to Run parameter. Click Save.
7) Schedule to run as needed.

Hope this helps the next person looking this.