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RadioGroup on Forms

Question asked by TracyStrunk1301508 on Jul 31, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2012 by jdafoe
I am looking for help on RadioGroups and have been unable to find what I need thus far. I have a form that has a radio group on it with 3 options. What i need to do is have the selected option be saved and then in a second form I need to show what option was selected. I would like to show that as a radio group again so that the value can be changed if needed. I have been able to get the data out using ca_pam_isSelectRadio function and then loop through each Radio option but this only gets me the value in text which would work if I didn't need to potentially modify it later. Any Ideas?

The code below is what i have currently working for Text Boxes and Check Boxes. But for some reason will not work for RadioGroups.


Form Init:

If (typeof(Process.savedata) != "undefined")
if(typeof(Process.savedata.rdgroup1) != "undefined")
Form.rdgroup1 = Process.savedata.rdgroup1;

Post execution form:

if (typeof(Process.savedata) == "undefined")
Process.savedata = newValueMap();

Process.savedata.rdgroup1 = Process[OpName].rdgroup1;