Multiple parameterized dependent attributes

Discussion created by Dale_Stockman Champion on Aug 1, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2012 by Chris_Hackett
We have 4 parameterized dependent attributes where the dependencies are as follows:


If one starts with A and works towards D, the lookup values presented to the user are fine, no problems.

If the user selects A, then B and saves, all is fine

If the user then changes B, A becomes blank - as expected, all is fine.

Two issues:

- if user changes C, B becomes blank, but A does not (same for D -C becomes blank but A nad B do not)
- if predecessor attribute is blank, the dependent attribute lookup will display all available pick values

For the first issue, we'd like to have all parent attributes become blank if a child is changed, forcing one to start at the top, to ensure referential integrity.

For the second issue, we'd like child attribute pick lists to remain blank, until a parent is selected, also to ensure referential integrity.

I don't know if these issues are 'features' of Clarity that cannot be designed around, or if we are just not as savvy with our SQL as we need to be. We've tried several alternative methods, without success, and have looked for Out of the Box examples of how this ought to work, but have not found any.

Any ideas?


BTW: Yes, a static-dependent list is an alternative means, but this doesn't meet our requirements for portlet filtering and exporting to Excel - as the values for A, B, C and D need to be visible in the task properties page, the portlet filter and list columns and exportable to Excel.

If forced to use a static-dependent list to populate D, I expect that we'd run a process that would then populate the 'parent,' read-only fields A, B, and C.