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Integration of Remedy and Clarity

Question asked by Alex_Feldstein on Aug 2, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2012 by DaniPerez
We are planning to integrate Remedy (from BMC) and Clarity in our organization. I have searched for messages in the board and found old questions (dating from v8) but not many answers.

We are still in v12.0.5 and I am considering the wisdom of connecting Remedy to Clarity 12.0 which is a big project in itself, on an old version. Would it make more sense to upgrade to v13 first? If that is the case I would need to make that recommendation to management as this would require more resources (little 'ol me) and budget than I have and we may have to request more, or request external help for the project.

The requirements as I understand them at this early stage are to have Remedy (v7.6.03) as the entry point for requests (as we have been doing for years) but never had any connectivity between the two.

With custom enhancements to Remedy's interface, users would be directed to different screens and different workflows depending on the type of request (change, incident, small and medium enhancements, etc.)
In some of those workflows, information would be sent to Clarity so a project would be automatically created to follow the work and costing

Although I'm a developer and have been for many years, and am familiar with Web Services, WSDL and a few programming languages, I have never done any work with XOG and have never undertaken a task like this. Couple with that, my experience with Clarity is only 2 years old, and I have never upgraded a major version of Clarity ( started with v12) so going to v13, replacing/redoing all our custom reports into v13 and BO, vs 12.0.x and Actuate will be a big task in itself.

My questions here are for experiences and recommendations from the community.

If this turns out to be bigger than I can handle on my own (we are a very small team of two and only one is a tech), I would have to recommend the need for outside help to management if they want to pursue this avenue. I need the ammunition and business case to present to them on this.

Any insights appreciated.