Tuesday Tip: OWB r13.x loading pattern changes

Discussion created by wunru01 Employee on Aug 7, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2012 by Wouter.Revenberg
In OWB r13.0.x to change the loading pattern for an assignment please use the Loading Pattern column within the OWB views rather than via double-click Task, Task Properties's Resource tab and under Assigned Resource Section.
Depending on what loading pattern you start off with and which you change to, it is not working reliably in this newer OWB version.
CLRT-69326 "OWB r13.x changing loading pattern via Task Properties --> Resource is not working correctly" has been opened and forwarded to SE.

Recommended workaround therefore is:
use Resource Assignment view or edit your view adding from "Resource Information" section Resource ID and "Loading Pattern" columns and make the loading pattern changes in Loading Pattern column