CA DataMinder 14.1 bookshelf has been updated

Discussion created by Bill_Peterson Employee on Aug 7, 2012
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The 14.1 CA DataMinder documentation bookshelf on CSO has been refreshed with various changes.

[*]14.1 Administration Guide 2nd Edition includes corrections to the descriptions of available Administration console options
[*]14.1 Archive Integration Guide 3rd Edition clarifies how the Event Import parameter, File.Pathspec, supports mapped drives. The File.ParticipantsFromNBAFilename parameter has also been deleted
[*]14.1 Database 3rd Edition includes a correction to the SQL Server guidelines. Specifically, these guidelines no longer state that must create a SQL Server database for <dlp> before installing a CMS or gateway
[*]14.1 Error Code Reference Guide 2nd Edition includes updated Exchange Sever Agent log codes
[*]14.1 Platform Deployment Guide 3rd Edition includes improved deployment instructions for the data warehouse
[*]14.1 Policy Guide 2nd Edition includes advice on how to filter by URL in traffic crossing the network boundary
[*]14.1 Release Notes 3rd Edition includes new known issue, 'Incorrect Timestamp For Events Captured Immediately Before DST Ends'
[*]14.1 Reports Integration Guide 3rd Edition no longer includes deployment instructions for the data warehouse. Instead, this guide refers readers to the 'Data Warehouse' chapter in the Platform Deployment Guide
[*]14.1 Upgrade Guide 3rd Edition includes improved post-upgrade instructions for enabling the data warehouse and collecting event participant data

You can find the new bookshelf on the recently renamed CA DataMinder (DLP) page on CSO:
Documentation Bookshelves on the CA DataMinder Product Page

Or here:
CA DataMinder 14.1 Bookshelf