IUA Web Presence Modernization IDMS-L alternative

Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Aug 9, 2012
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Hi Everyone,

Approximately one year ago in 2011, all content from[color=#07b8d4] IUASSN.ORG[color] was migrated to the[color=#07b8d4] IUA/EIUA community[color] within MyCA and verified for completeness. This have given us a more robust and functional platform over the old, static HTML-based site.

Once the migration was verified, the old site was shut down.

Over the past 18 months, all[b] IDMS-L posts have been mirrored to the message boards within our MyCA community space (The Community). A special thanks goes out to Gary Cherlet for his tireless devotion to this manual task.

Additionally, CA migrated[b] 7 additional years of listserv history into our message boards in The Community. This history is fully searchable.

The IUA was a primary driver in the effort create the ability to email responses to messages posted within The Community. I am happy to report that the ability to reply to message board postings via email is now fully functional.

The final step in our modernization project is to[b] cease cross posting between the listserv and the message boards, officially retire the IDMS-L, and utilize the community messages boards in its place.

[color=#07b8d4]This retirement was unanimously approved by the IUA board and will occur on September 15, 2012.[color]

Please watch this video on YouTube for additional information about how to register and login, and take a tour of our community space at MyCA - "click" here for a tour of our IUA/EIUA Community