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Plans Opening Strangely in MS Project

Question asked by MaxPemberton on Aug 14, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2012 by douglas.monteiro-tecban
Hi All,
I'm looking for some inspiration.
We have OnDemand v12, and use MS Project for editing plans. A number of users within any given project team will be responsible at one time or another for opening and editing the plans. Our users all have access to shared folders and some of them have slightly different drive mappings to one-another but generally the same drive letter and path after the drive letter, it's just the server path that is slightly different, something to do with the unique way our organisation has structured it's servers I guess!

Generally all is well but a few users are getting a situation where they launch the plan from Clarity and instead of opening the MPP file that was stored back to Clarity, it is opening a blank plan and filling it with some basic Task information. This way it is loosing any of the formatting and extra colmuns that users had inserted, it sets all the durations to estimated and in other instances it resets some of the percentage complete to zero. Other users on the team of that person can open the plan and it works normally.

This has occurred a few times and across different users and project plans

I was trying to figure whether the problem is rooted in the different drive mapping - perhaps clarity is getting confused because the local working folder path is different ? That said - the actual path that seems to be saved in Clarity looks the same for the different users, as I mentioned the path after the drive letter is the same.

Anyone experienced the same and can throw any ideas?

Thanks - Max