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IT PAM Work Flows

Question asked by teeni02 on Aug 15, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2012 by DaleCameron
Hi I am developing a Work Flows for a client... and I have used Forms in the Work Flows to update the status of a Service Desk Ticket.

Customer wants to have a funtionality to update the SD Change Order directly in Service Desk and IT PAM Workflow should still go and perform other operations like calling one more process or so.

For Example... If the Peer Review Approves or Completes a Service Desk Change Order... it should update the Service Desk Change Order and call the next process for Line Manager Approval.

The above task... I am able to accomplish by using Forms.

But if I update the Service Desk CO directly with out using Forms... the IT PAM Work flow fails.... Is it possible to check both the conditions.

Please help.


Niranjan Teegala