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How to use IT PAM to retrieve Request Properties

Question asked by adziadowicz on Aug 21, 2012
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I'm trying to get Properties associated with Request in SDM

Step 1. Get the fields from Request Record (cr): persid, ref_num, summary and place them in dataset variables using post execution script. That works fine, I get “REQ_Persid”, “REQ_Number” etc. as my variables.
Step2. Get the properties associated with that Request. Object is “Property” (cr_prp) and .. .bummer the IT PAM or SDM doesn’t like the “WHERE CLAUSE” .. I have tried “owning_cr=Process.REQ_Persid” and the error in the log show that “owning_cr” is not known attribute…?
What Am ‘I doing wrong? Should I used different operator (I’m using “Select Object”)

Any help appreciated…