Error on upgrade to Identity Manager 12.5 sp13

Discussion created by Sagi_Gabay Employee on Aug 27, 2012
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When upgrading to Identity Manager 12.5 sp13 you might encounter the following error in startup step 6:

2012-08-13 13:46:50,572 ERROR[ims.llsdk.ManagedObjectDescriptorPluginFactory] (main) /opt/CA/jboss-5.1-0/server/default/deploy/iam_im.ear/user_console.war /WEB-INF/lib/identitymanager.jar/META-INF/managedobject.xml(37,188): cvc-complex-type.3.2.2: Attribute 'importExportAllowed' is not allowed to app ear in element 'Attribute'

'importExportAllowed' is a new property that was introduced in sp13 and relates to endpoint management. If you are not using provisioning or not managing endpoints then this error is benign. If you are then here is a procedure that will fix this issue:

1. Stop the application server.
2. Go to the follwoing path:- \iam_im.ear\library\imsapi6.jar
3. Rename imsapi6.jar to the and extract teh zip.
4. Replace managedobject_1_0.xsd file residing in \META-INF\ with new file. The new file is attached to this post. The attached file is called: managedobject_1_0.xsd.txt. Make sure to remove the .txt suffix as the file is supposed to be: managedobject_1_0.xsd
5. Now again rename the to imsapi6.jar
6. Restart the Application server.

At this point you should not see this error in the startup sequence of Identity Manager.


Sagi Gabay,
CA Technologies