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Clarity NSQL Lookup attributes

Question asked by yaghwin on Sep 4, 2012
Latest reply on May 2, 2014 by Dave

We're using Clarity v12 and I have a question.
We have a portlet implemented whose query i need to modify a little bit.
Existing query looks like :
when 'CMS_Stage0110' then 'Origination'
when 'CMS_Stage0101' then 'Initiation'
when 'CMS_Stage0120' then 'Planning'
when 'CMS_Stage0130' then 'Execution and Control'
when 'CMS_Stage0140' then 'Closing' end :PROJECT_PHASE@ , Close[center]

Now i need to remove the case and have the values in a lookup so that it can be extended easily in the future.
Can anyone guide me as to how to accomplish this?

Thanks !!