CA Tuesday Tip: CA WA dSeries events stop triggering

Discussion created by panni04 Employee on Sep 4, 2012
Customers may sometimes notice that events will stop triggering. This may happen randomly, but usually happens after some problem in database or un-scheduled or ungraceful shutdown of the dSeries.
The events which have '[color=red]Do not trigger if active[color]' checked are affected. This is a known defect, and the issue has been resolved in build 168 of CA WA dSeries R11.1 SP1. Immediate workaround is to delete the affected events and then recreate them. This sometimes appears to help and the events will start triggering. If that does not help, then cold start of the server will resolve the issue.

Customers are strongly recommended to apply the latest server patch. The latest patch as of now is RO48755. This will take the server to build 186.
Note: Before applying this patch, please check to make sure if a newer patch is available. Apply the latest patch.