CA Tuesday Tip: Top Five TIM Issues and What To Do About Them

Discussion created by Hallett_German Employee on Sep 8, 2012
CA Wily Tuesday Tip by Hallett German, Sr. Support Engineer for 9/82012

This is a continuation of last month's theme of looking at TIM Health. This month we look at common TIM issues and what to do about them.
Issue #1 Not seeing Traffic on TIM Questions to Ask:
- Did this ever work?
- Has something changed recently? (especially with span/tap)
Things to check:
- Is TIM powered on?
- Is TIM span/tap connection live?
- Is TIM span/tap connection configured correctly? (Seeing http/https, two way traffic)
- Are web server filters enabled?

Issue #2 Unable to record transactions.
Questions to Ask:
- Did this ever work?
- Has something changed recently? (With application, private keys, and network.)
- Is this working for some transactions and not others for the same application?
- Can I record with some recording mechanisms but not others?
Things to check
- Items listed under issue #1
- Private keys are correct and working.
- Check if redirecting to another server and that server is being captured by span/tap and included in web server filters.
- Check http headers (content-type, accept-language, IP address is same in request and response)

Issue #3 Unable to Decode SSL Traffic
Questions to Ask:
- Did this ever work?
- Has something changed recently?
- Are my private keys correct?
- Has the private keys expired?
Things to Check:
- Items under issue #1
- Private keys are correct.
- A supported cipher is being used.
- Certificate modulus not correct
- If too many defects/statistics is being produced.

Item #4 TIM Restarts [/b
]Questions To Ask:
- Has something changed recently? (Such as adding a new application)
Things to check:
- Quality and Load of Network Traffic.
- If SSL traffic is being monitored.
- Ciphers being used for SSL-monitored applications

[b]Item #5 TIM Not Seeing Defects/Reports

Questions to Ask:
- When was the last time that you saw defects/reports?
- Is this a recent install?
Things To Check:
- Are defects/statistics files being backed on TIM (/etc/wily/cem/tim/data/out/defects../stats directories
- Is collector and database responsive?
- In the collector and database logs are there errors?
- When was the last time that the collector was restarted?
- Schematools.log if a recent install.

Questions for Discussion:
1)Do you have any frequently reoccuring TIM issues not listed above
2)If you had TIM issues in the past were they due to 1) changes in the system, 2) increases in load, 3) additions of new applications, 4) recent upgrades and migrations.