intial reports on R18 conversion and ziip times

Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Sep 10, 2012
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Yes its been less that 24 hours - but I already see some trending I wanted to pass along ..

1) we found a need to reduce FREESTG by approx. 400K to get the same STORAGE RETURNED TO OPSYS (and in many cases to avoid an abend during startup, as we try to keep our STORAGE RETURNED TO OPSYS to approx. 200K

2) in our most pure DB-work CV (a cics backend that pushes hundreds of mullion transactions/week) - we have seen an immediate increase of ziip utilization from 33% of ALL work (R17) to 40-50% of all work (R18) = that's a 50% improvement in ziip utilization

3) we are keeping ziip OFF in other CVs for a week or two to get better benchmarks - then we will turn in on in those environments to see where it might be viable (r18) where it was not viable before (R17)

More later on IDMS-L

Chris hoelscher