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SiteMinder Documentation Download

Question asked by bvsnraju.4209050 on Sep 10, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2012 by pytmi01
Hi all,

I am trying to install policy server on windows server 2003 R2. Where i can download the Siteminder Documentation (nete-sm-doc-6.0-sp6-win32.exe) .

Please suggest me.

And also i need one more help. I did the ADAM installation on my windows server 2003 R2 . How to configure it as siteminder policy store. I gone through the CA guide , but i am not clear in the steps.

This is the things i did:

i). ADAM installation
ii). I Created One ADAM instance.

what are all the steps i need to do configure ADAM as siteminder policystore.

Still i didn't apply the ADAM patch(Q840991). Whether i need to apply or not.

Please any one Suggest me. I am struggling.