CA DataMinder Tuesday Tip: Configuring Postfix.

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CA DLP Tuesday Tip Configuring DataMinder with Postfix, published 11 September 2012 by Simon (Mark) Biddle Snr. Support Engineer.

Sendmail is a mail transfer agent (MTA) originating from the open source and Unix communities. Postfix is intended to be an easy-to-administer, secure alternative to the Sendmail MTA. Both are used to route and deliver email and provide additional services such as protecting organizations from unwanted messages (spam). CA (DLP) DataMinder integration with Sendmail and Postfix is implemented through its Milter MTA agent.

The implementation instructions in the CA DataMinder r14.1 Message Server Integration Guide "DLP_Message_Server_Int_ENU.pdf" (available to download from the CA DLP Documentation Bookshelf <> advises "For Postfix configuration instructions, please contact CA Technical Support."

This additional information is included below:

Full details for configuring Postfix are available from via the following url:

In relation to the CA (DLP) DataMinder, once the DataMinder Milter Agent is installed, you will need to add the following specifics to the /etc/postfix/ file.

smtpd-milters = inet:hostname:portno

where hostname is the name of the host machine and portno is the port number specified when installing the milter.

Please also note that by default wgnmilter config file is "Off" and this needs to be changed to "On"