New Collateral in the Community - Watch our content grow

Discussion created by lindajcasey on Sep 12, 2012
Over the past several months, several members of the IUA Board have been in meetings with CA to have various types of collateral released to the communities. I am happy to announce that the first batch of these materials can be found in the community documents folder under presentations. We have categorized these presentation materials into two categories, first, application development interest, and second, DBA interest. The first 13 presentations have been loaded into the application subfolder. These presentations come from CA-World, May Mainframe Madness, and various webinars. This is a slow process, as we are making sure the materials are still relevant to the product, so keep checking back for more.

We have worked hard so that replays of presentations will no longer require you to "signup". You will need to be logged into the community so viewing these has a level of security from the web.

Until now, documentation was only available to those of our membership that had a site ID. The board has been in negotiations with CA to have some the doc set made more accessible through the community, thereby accessible with only a membership within our community. This is still evolving and I will give an update as to how much and when that will be. While our requests have been to make the largest possible amount of the documentation available, our focus has been on making the documentation necessary for applications development a priority. This way, in-house and contracting programmers will have access to the documentation they need to create the best possible code for their projects.

We are working hard to put materials into the community that will help you grow professionally. If you have a specific request, please let us know so that we can continue to expand our content here within our community.

Linda J. Casey
IUA International Chair