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Project Scheduler: MSP or Open Workbench? Which choice is best?

Question asked by TerriEchegoyen4207684 on Sep 19, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2012 by Robert Ensinger
Looking for input/feedback regarding best choice for project scheduling when using Clarity PPM.

My orgainzation recently launched Clarity (July 2012) and to date has been using MSP as the project scheduling tool. We have found this to be problemataic for many reasons:[size=5]
1. The general complexity of integrating these two robust programs
2. The level of Project Manager maturity with regard to MSP
3, Issues related to fixed work vs. fixed units
4. Trouble obtaining product support for the MSP integration
5, Issues related to allocations vs. ETCs and so on

I would like to hear from you regarding your choice of scheduling tool. Did your organization choose MSP or Open Workbench and why? What were your deciding factors? What has been the outcome of your choice. What is your level of user acceptance? How much training was involved? What was your experience in terms of product support with regard to the chosen scheduling tool?

Your expertise and insight are appreciated - Thank You!